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Hey Free Travelers,

Here at Travel Freely I want to help you earn free travel as easy as possible. I want to make sure you’re getting the best value from Travel Freely, so I decided to bring in some help.

Welcome to the Travel Freely Team, Travis Cormier!

Travis Cormier Travel Freely

Travis Brings Lots of Experience Traveling for Free

Travis brings years of experience to Travel Freely. He has worked with a number of blogs regarding points and miles, and is exceptionally knowledgeable about the process we use to travel for less. You’ll see a lot more posts from him in the next few weeks, and I’m sure you will learn a lot!

To help you get to know Travis, here’s a short Q&A about his background and the kind of tips you can learn from him.


What got you started in points and miles?

I got started like a lot of people do. After I got engaged my now-wife told me her biggest dream was to honeymoon in the Maldives. At that point in my life I didn’t even know where the Maldives were! A quick google search told me there was no way we could afford to go to the Maldives.

Points and Miles made the Maldives our Honeymoon Destination

Points and Miles Made the Maldives our Honeymoon Destination

I had heard about points and miles from some financial blogs before, and decided to look into it more. I figured I was young and had time for my credit to improve if this was a big hoax. But I also saw it as an opportunity. Wedding expenses can quickly meet a lot of minimum spends.

Now a few years later, I’ve taken that dream honeymoon and many other “once-in-a-lifetime trips” that most people only ever dream of experiencing.


What has been your favorite trip on points and miles so far?

The Maldives. Hands down the most amazing experience. I stayed at the Park Hyatt Maldives which is the perfect honeymoon destination. It is hard to beat a private island with only 50 rooms – that’s romantic privacy. Points and miles not only let me stay at the amazing Park Hyatt Maldives, but they let me fly there in luxury.

Travis Jumping Indian Ocean maldives

Are You Ready to Jump Into the World of Free Travel?

There have been a lot of other wonderful experiences as well though – riding a dirt bike across the desert-like east coast of Aruba, the Road to Hana in Maui, and many others. These are all adventures that wouldn’t have been possible without points and miles.


What was the biggest mistake you made when you started using points and miles?

When I started I was focused on one trip: my honeymoon. I ignored everything else, including the Chase 5/24 Rule and started off with Citi AAdvantage credit cards. These stopped me from getting some really valuable bonuses from other credit cards that I would later regret.

Rain in the Maldives

Don’t Make the Same Mistakes I did and Rain on your Points Parade

Thankfully I was still under when some valuable cards like the Chase Sapphire Reserve and Chase Ink Preferred were released. I didn’t miss all of the good opportunities. If I had a tool like Travel Freely guiding me from the start I bet I wouldn’t have missed my chance at a Companion Pass.


What trips do you have planned this year using points and miles?

We’ve already travelled to Arizona to stay at the Miraval Resort and Spa, and we took our marvelous honeymoon to the Maldives. In October we have business class flights to Argentina for 2 weeks where we plan to visit Patagonia and Mendoza. I’m eyeing a trip to St. Kitts in July as well.

Travis and Miryea in Colorado

Points and Miles Helped Travis and Miryea Escape the Harsh Texas Winter to visit… Colorado!

We often squeeze in a few extra small trips – we are eyeing Cabo and the Bahamas as well.


What makes you excited about Travel Freely?

Between banks, credit bureaus, bonus deadlines, and annual fee deadlines there’s a lot to manage. That is a tough burden to overcome and can be difficult to manage effectively.

With Travel Freely all of that gets simplified. New and experienced points and miles enthusiasts can retarget their focus back to where it really matters – on earning and redeeming points. With deadlines managed for you, it brings simplicity.

I’m not including a photo for this one because you really don’t want to see my spreadsheet from before I started using Travel Freely. It was a chaotic mess!


To close off, is there anything else you’d share about the world of free travel?

Earning free travel is way easier than you think. Sometimes with just one sign-on bonus you can get an entire international vacation including flights and hotels. To make an even bonus perk, my credit has never been better.

With Travel Freely, a lot of the hard work is done for you. All you have to do is open credit cards, meet spends, and then travel. You don’t have to balance 5/24, bonus deadlines, annual fee dates, etc. That’s all done for you. I wish I had this when I started, but I can’t imagine recommending anyone start without it now.

Thanks for your time Travis, and welcome to the team! You’ll be seeing a lot more posts from him coming soon!

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