Free Webinar: Rewards Cards 101


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Please note: At the time of recording, any card offers were up to date. However, these offers are subject to change at any time. 

Rewards Cards 101
You’ll Learn:
  • How to find the most flexible rewards cards
  • Why they are so different from traditional airline or hotel cards
  • How to book travel, transfer to partners, or redeem for cash
  • Why “wildcards” can be more valuable and flexible than traditional cards
  • How to earn extra bonuses on programs like Southwest, United, and Hyatt

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Zac Hood

Zac Hood

Founder, Travel Freely

Zac and his wife Virginia have been traveling for free for almost 10 years. His approach to free travel has earned free flights (and often free hotels) in South Africa, Greece, France, Italy, Iceland, and more. Helping more beginner free travelers was the inspiration for founding Travel Freely.