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Hawaii, Italy, California, and more

As a teacher and a nurse we knew we could find time to travel, the trick was finding the money. With Travel Freely we learned how to travel for less! We earned 150,000 points which covered 3 flights, two hotel stays, and we were protected from damage to our rental car ($400). We had a fantastic time exploring our history through museums and restaurants! We were skeptics before, but now we are believers. The credit card game can be difficult to figure out, but Travel Freely helped guide us through to maximize our point potential and our credit score has never been higher. 

– Andy and Katelyn


California, Ireland, and Chicago

We used the first two nights for a short trip to Chicago and stayed in a luxury hotel with views of the Watertower, the lake and Michigan Avenue. Our hotel costs were completely free. After that, we planned a trip to Big Sur, California, one of our favorite vacation destinations. We enjoyed a suite overlooking the Pacific. But instead of paying over $600 per night as we had in the past, there was no charge once we applied our earned free nights. Needless to say, we are now thrilled about being able to use travel reward programs. All made possible through the professional advice of the Travel Freely system. 

– David and Maureen


Peru, France, Alaska, and more

Travel Freely has allowed me to literally travel for free over the past year. Without having to worry about airline costs, I am free to splurge in other areas- lodging, activities, etc. I capped off my first year of free travel with a trip to southern France this past summer, and this opportunity is only available because of the points I’ve earned with Travel Freely!

– Rebecca, Nashville, TN


Disneyland, London, NYC, and Canada

Traveling for free has opened my eyes to a completely new way of looking at travel for my family of six. I thought I was doomed to 20+ years of costly family vacations. In the past 12 months, we have racked up over 300,000 points – worth more than $3k of travel! We used some of these points last year to take a family trip to enjoy the beaches of Southern California and enjoy a day at Disneyland. This past summer, my wife used points to take my daughter on her 13th birthday trip to NYC for 2 days followed by 4 days on Prince Edward Island, Canada to see the sights that inspired my daughter’s favorite book series, Anne of Avonlea.

– Jared and Mandy, Denver, CO



New York and California

We returned to Manhattan, where we got engaged, for an incredible 1-year wedding anniversary. With the flights and hotel completely covered by points and card bonuses, we were able to indulge in the city’s top restaurants all weekend, guilt-free!

My wife and I also took a much-needed Spring Break to California. It included TSA pre-check, an SW companion pass flight to LAX, and 3 free nights at the incredible Ritz-Carlton in Laguna Niguel. We joined Travel Freely to pursue luxury travel experiences in an affordable way. We never imagined that we’d be able to do all of that…. for FREE.

– Jeff and Anne Clarke, Nashville, TN

Disneyland, Denver, CO

We knew a trip to Disneyland was on our Family Bucket List. Thanks to Travel Freely we easily mapped out the cards and bonuses that would get us there. We used bonuses through Chase Ultimate Rewards which transferred to Southwest Airlines points for miles. And the Marriott Bonvoy card covered two nights at the hotel.

In all, we saved about $1,250 getting there and staying there. Basically we did Disneyland for over 50% off!

Next up—DisneyWORLD!!!

– John B, Denver, CO



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