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We rolled out a new update to Travel Freely this weekend. You’ll see some snazzy design improvements, especially for those who like a cleaner, sleeker look. Better yet, we’ve got some new features to share.

Introducing three new features:


1) New Feature: Personalized names for users and accounts.



Now, you can go to settings (the new gear icon) and change the generic Personal and Personal Business to your custom names. These custom names will be reflected on the card dashboard and in your automated emails as well.


2) New Feature: Geo-tagged Travel Goals.

Now when you add a travel goal, there’s another place to add a city and/or country. This feature will help us share relevant articles for redeeming travel specifically for your travel goal. 


3) New Feature: Card Recommendations

Due to your feedback, we have expanded the number of CardGenie recommendations and added filters so you can have more options to pinpoint your needs! Note, these cards are still personalized based on your current card profile, 5/24 number, etc. Now, there are more options to choose.

Let us know what you think! Personalize your names now by logging in to Travel Freely.

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