Here’s what others say about the Travel Freely System.



Travel Freely is great for tracking my reward credit cards, minimum spend requirements, and annual fees. The tools are easy-to-use and intuitive. They also make tracking Chases 5/24 rule simple and easy.

Cheryl Wetherington

This is an excellent service to track your #PointsandMiles credit cards. You input your cards and a few details and they do the rest! You can always track your current 5/24 status and you also receive automated emails on upcoming annual fees etc. They also offer great advice on which credit cards best match your spending habits, so you can maximize rewards!

Eric Carr

Whether you are a beginner to mileage credit cards or an experienced user, this site makes it incredibly EASY to track and reach your free travel goals. The travel guides they provide are very intuitive and they don't burden you with daily emails. Fantastic site - I'd give it 10 stars if I could!

William Funk

I've been trying my hand at Travel Hacks for about a year and I wish I had started with Travel Freely. I've made some mistakes on the way, would not have if I had followed the TF advice earlier on. Great information. Great website....very helpful, easy to understand.

LeAnn Bickel

Your next vacation could be free with TRAVEL FREELY.