Here’s what others say about the Travel Freely System.



We have all heard about traveling on points. This site makes is simple and is really educational. I love the ease, and having someone else keep up with the multiple accounts. Thanks for your great service

Mac Kelton

I’ve been using travel freely for less than a year and have already accumulated points worth over $3k. The website reminds you when annual fees are due and is full of tips on improving credit score and how to maximize your points. Can’t recommend it enough!

Scott Booren

This is just flat out a brilliant idea. Credit card companies are competing for our business and do so by offering terrific deals upon opening an account. Travel Freely helped me to optimize those deals, track my cards, and earn free travel. I was spending the money anyway, why not take advantage of promotions and earn free travel? It took me a couple extra minutes of work a month, and now I've got points up to wazoo. Brilliant idea, very easy, very simple, and now I'm planning my next vacation, essentially for free.

Trevor Steger

Travel Freely is an invaluable tool for anyone with ambitions for free travel! If you have been hesitant to dip your toes into the miles/points world, fear no more. You won't drown using this website! The organization is excellent - keep track of your past & present credit cards, points earned, bonus deadlines and tons of free advice - especially for those new to the game. I use it all the time!

Beth Branson

Your next vacation could be free with TRAVEL FREELY.