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Last month we shared with you how to travel to Italy with points, and have gotten a lot of great feedback since publishing that post. Many of you are asking what city we recommend you visit. I’m no Italy expert, so I reached out to our friend Jennifer Kanikula who runs her own site The So Full Traveler. Jennifer is a dietitian blending diet and travel together. She has put together a great guide to help you decide where to go when you travel to Italy for Free.

Travel to Italy For Free


Why You Should Travel to Italy For Free

If you want to visit a country that has it all, look no further than Italy. From the food to the culture to the beaches to the wine, there’s literally something for everyone. But not only does this country simply have it all, every aspect of Italy is written in the ink of passion. If it’s not the language that makes you fall in love, it’ll be your first bite of a Sicilian cannoli, or your first step inside the Sistine Chapel, or the midnight walks through the cobblestone streets of Rome. When you travel to Italy, you fall in love with life again. And what better way than to travel to Italy for free!


First Timers Should Head to Rome

For first time travelers in Italy, visiting Rome is an absolute must.  While I’ve heard some travelers say that Rome is a bit overrated, ask any Italian which city you should visit in Italy and their answer will always be: Roma. My Italian father once said, “Why come to Italy if you’re not visiting Rome?”

Visit the Colosseum

Visit the Colosseum

It’s not because you need to visit all the historical landmarks (although I still highly recommend them), it’s because this is the beginning of Italy’s tragic yet beautiful story. If you don’t spend all your time eating gelato and strolling through the winding roads of Rome, I recommend visiting the colosseum, the Vatican and Sistine chapel, the Spanish steps, and the Trevi Fountain (to name a few). For more details for your trip to Rome, check out my Overview Guide for visitingRome, Italy.

Rome is a great first stop because when you travel to Italy for free, most flights will fly into Rome’s International Airport (FCO). This makes it a naturally perfect first stop.


Escape the City Life in Tuscany

After the bustling city life of Rome, take some time to wind down amongst the rolling hills of Tuscany and find yourself in the city that is favored both by the tourists and the locals: Florence. Amongst the Italians, there is a phrase for when one visits this magical city :  “La mi porti un bacione a Firenze.” Translation: “Bring me a kiss from Florence.”

Enjoy The Tuscan Sun

Enjoy The Tuscan Sun

Florence is historically known for its artwork, containing some of the best from the Renaissance period. It’s obvious in the architecture, monuments, museums, and landmarks that make Florence so breathtaking. When visiting Florence, make sure to visit the Duomo, Ponte Vecchio, Piazzale Michaelangelo, and one (if not all) of the many iconic museums. For more information on your visit to Florence, check out my Overview Guide for visiting Florence, Italy for tips on where to go, where to stay, and foods to try.


Visiting Venice

To wrap up your trip, there really isn’t anything more iconic than a visit to Venice. Venice is a living fairy tale, captivating her visitor’s one gondola ride and serenade at a time.

The romance of Venice is not to be missed

The romance of Venice is not to be missed

Spend your days in Venice getting lost in her labyrinth of winding, corridor like streets to the sounds of distant accordion notes. In the late afternoon, make sure to have either a Negroni or Aperol Spritz as your aperitif of choice. Venice is recognized as having some of the best of these bitter beverages in the entire country.

If you’re looking to venture outside the maze of all things enchanting of Venice, make a day trip to the island of Burano where every shade of the rainbow coats the exterior of the fisherman style homes. To know more about Venice and her story, read Meet Venice, The Romantic.

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