Our new team member to Travel Freely!

Hi Everyone! My name is Madison, and I currently live in Clearwater, Florida. I grew up in Michigan, and was fortunate enough to do quite a bit of traveling as a kid around the US. We traveled to places like Arizona, California, South Carolina—the list goes on!

This sparked a huge interest in visiting new places and seeing different parts of the world. My husband and I got married in our early 20’s with a long list of places that we wanted to travel to throughout Western Europe, Canada, Africa, and Asia! It quickly became apparent that we were going to need to figure out a clever way to afford all of our travel plans. That’s where my love of points and miles comes into play!

I graduated from the University of South Florida with a degree in mass communications, and was lucky to land a job at a marketing agency in Tampa, Florida. With experience in marketing and writing, I’m excited to work with Zac and the team at Travel Freely to help members travel for free!

Q&A with Zac and Madison

Zac: What got you started in points and miles? Or, when did the light bulb go off where you realized how amazing it is to travel for free? (Particular trip, moment in the airport, hotel, etc.)

Madison: When researching the best credit card to open shortly after getting married, I stumbled upon a travel hacking site and read all about why I should open up a Chase Sapphire Preferred card. It was then that I saw the full potential of points and miles, but assumed it wasn’t for me. It wasn’t until a friend of mine booked a month-long, Round the World itinerary for two. This was the moment that I set out to soak in as much information as possible to accumulate points for free travel.  

Zac: What has been a recent trip on points and miles so far?

Madison: Our recent stay in Springdale, UT, right outside of Zion National Park (Pictured Below) was amazing! We used Marriott points to book a hotel with an incredible view. And, we got a free room upgrade with my elite status!  

Madison - Zion National Park

Zac: Do you have future travel plans?

Madison: My husband and I are storing up points for a month-long trip around Europe in 2022. When I’m not working for Travel Freely, you’ll find me researching all of the must-see places in Europe!

So far, we have plans to go to Italy, Switzerland, France, Spain, Portugal, and the UK. We can’t wait to spend time exploring the mountain villages nestled in the Swiss Alps (and, of course eating all of the chocolate we can get our hands on). 

We also plan to visit Japan, South Africa, and Greece in the next few years.

Zac: What is something fun to know about you that isn’t related to travel hacking? (hobbies, cool stories, something unique about you)

Madison: I love cooking and baking! I recently tried my hand at baking different kinds of breads (focaccia, sweet breads, and sourdough), which has been both challenging and fun. 

Something unique about me is that my husband and I have known each other since we were 15. We feel lucky to have had the opportunity to grow up together!

Zac: What are you most excited about with joining Travel Freely?

Madison: I’m most excited to be surrounded by people who are just as enthusiastic about points and miles as I am! I certainly don’t consider myself an expert, and I think there’s always something to be learned.


Madison - Florida Keys

Madison with her husband Miguel in the Florida Keys





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