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Google is starting to make a bigger splash in the travel world. For a while, they have been supplying travel sites like (a Travel Freely recommended flight search website) with important features like flexible date searches and best price alerts. Android users have also seen Google Trips (also available for iOS) make an impact on their smartphones with up-to-date information on travel destinations. You can even download travel guides to your phone.



The most convenient assistance provided by Google, although quite intrusive, has been their ability to search your Gmail and store important hotel and flight information in Google calendar. Without any extra effort, you have your flight times and hotel reservation numbers pop up at the right time. This was incredibly helpful during an epic trip to Peru, where every day was a new hotel or Airbnb. All the pertinent information for that day arrived on my phone. I didn’t need to search and find. I had my reservation numbers, receipt, and contact information for the hotel right in front of me.


Google Trip features like “Things to do” will probably replace the need for a big travel guide.


Now, Google is ramping up their own travel booking ecosystem. With Google Flights, you can book a flight with a user-friendly interface and feel very confident about your purchase. Google will let you know if the price is higher or lower than normal or likely to stay the same. There are also price alerts now for hotel bookings too.

Maybe you have your favorite travel booking portals, but Google Flights and Hotels will start to become a free traveler’s trusty companion. I’ve always used to start my award flight searches because I can tell what airlines and flights I want to get. (except for Southwest because I have to go on their site to search)


Google might make it easier to see these sunsets with their upgraded travel tools.


I’ll be trying out Google Flights now. We’ll see if Google starts to dominate the travel scene like they do with everything else they do.

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