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We truly have the ability to travel to places far and wide that people in previous generations would have never experienced. With free travel (airfare and hotels), it’s so easy to travel for free. It can be another addiction to just get free stuff. But, here are the main reasons we travel for free:


#1) To Get Away


Life is incredibly busy in our homes and workplaces. Vacations are almost prescribed by doctors these days because of our frenetic pace of life. We work ourselves like crazy and are always plugged in to our phones and screen. A change of scenery is sometimes the only way we can get away from the noise. I’m definitely addicted to my phone over the course of a normal week, but when I get in travel mode, something changes and I can slow down. Without the chance to rest and gain perspective on our lives, we may end up missing out on the most important things.



#2) To Explore and Experience other Cultures


Crossing cultures and charting new terrain is one of the most exhilarating parts of life. We are definitely meant to explore and discover. Traveling to new places and seeing new sites literally fire neurons in our brain that aren’t normally firing when we’re at home. In addition, we can be positively changed by our experiences for the rest of our lives. Perspective, friendships, and love can be found.



#3) To Celebrate and Enjoy Life with Family and Friends


The reason most people travel is to see friends and family. These days, we are so spread out around the country (and the world), that travel has been imperative to maintain our bonds. While holidays are the biggest travel days, weddings and newborns can be among the best reasons to celebrate and meet loved ones.

Traveling can certainly add up, and it ends up becoming a bigger part of our budget than we anticipate. It’s really sad when we have to make choices between paying our bills and getting a much needed vacation. It’s even worse when a dear friend from home is getting married and the flight alone is too costly.


Our annual beach trip to see 3 nieces and a nephew. Incredible times, and only possible because we can travel for free to get there.


A new generation of travelers are here. We are signing up for credit cards, putting normal spending on those cards, and achieving big bonuses. Traveling for free is not a gimmick or a time-consuming habit. It’s quite simple. You just need the right guidance.


#4) For Lifetime Memories


There are only so many times in life where you can do something unforgettable. When you can travel for free, you can save up to say YES so many more times when those opportunities arrive. It surely is a blessing to be able to make a trip of a lifetime. Exploring this beautiful world, meeting amazing people, and sharing moments with people that we love is among the finest things in life.



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