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There are several articles about how to count your 5/24 number. This article shows you how to do it 1,000,000,000% FASTER. If you’re familiar with the Chase 5/24 Rule, feel free to skip to the AMAZINGLY AWESOME news section. If not, here’s the background:

What Is the 5/24 Rule?

Chase has an unpublished policy for all of their credit cards where you will not be approved if you have opened 5 or more credit cards from any bank in the past 24 months. We refer to this as the 5/24 rule. However, some credit cards do not count against the 5/24 rule. To be organized with your free travel and card sign-ups, you have to be aware and track this rule.

You’ll often hear people say they are “6/24.” What they mean is they’ve opened 6 credit cards in the past 24 months. If you’re brand new starting out, you’re likely at a great spot: 0/24!

With that in mind, you may be wondering where the exceptions are? Let’s take a deeper look at the Chase 5/24 rule.

What cards count towards your 5/24 status?

It is important to know what credit cards will count towards your 5/24 status. Not all do. Knowing which cards count can help you plan your 5/24 strategy to maximize your benefits.

Personal Credit Cards

This is an easy one: all personal cards from any bank count towards 5/24.

There, that wasn’t so hard was it?

Business Credit Cards

Business credit cards are a bit trickier. Some count, but many don’t. Since some do, it is important to know which banks report to your personal credit report. The following banks will report on your personal credit report, and as a result, will count towards your 5/24 status:

  • Capital One
  • Discover
  • TD Bank
  • UBS Bank

To my knowledge, no other banks report business card info on your personal credit report. This includes Chase, American Express, Citi, and others. So business cards that you open from any bank that’s not on the list above will not count towards your 5/24 status.

No business credit card yet? Check out some amazing offers on Chase Business Cards here and check here if you’re eligible to apply for a business credit card

Authorized User

If you’re an authorized user on a card, it reports to your personal credit report. While Chase technically doesn’t count authorized user cards towards 5/24, it can be difficult to determine what cards you are an authorized user on or not. You may not technically be over 5/24, but Chase’s automated system will count you as being over 5/24 if you are an authorized user on some accounts.

If this happens, here’s what you should do:

  1. Call the Chase reconsideration line. 888-270-2127 if you applied for a personal card, 800-453-9719 if you applied for a business card.
  2. Explain that it is an authorized user account, and ask for them to remove it when doing a manual review.
  3. If the representative says that they do count, explain to them that you are not financially responsible for the account and they should remove it.
  4. If all this fails, hang up and call back. You’ll likely get a new representative who can help you.

In general, it is easier to avoid this altogether by not being an authorized user on any credit cards. If you already are, simply call the bank where you’re an authorized user and ask them to remove you. Also, ask them to remove the record from your credit report. It should take about 30 days for it to disappear, but will make your applications with Chase a lot smoother.

Why Does the 5/24 Rule Matter?

a) Strategy is important.

The 5/24 rule means you need to be strategic with the order you apply for credit cards. For example, you need to go after the best Chase cards first in order to avoid being denied for being over 5/24.

b) Timing is part of the strategy.

You need to decide if you want to continue to get Chase cards in the future. That means spacing out your applications so that you don’t get in a hole for several months or longer while you wait to get back under 5/24. If you don’t value Chase cards, you can disregard this. But, most people love the bonuses and value that Chase cards bring for flights and hotel redemptions. Therefore, you need a system to monitor and watch this number.


You can check your 5/24 number. There are multiple ways to go about it. BUT, there’s only ONE way to check your 5/24 number in UNDER 1 SECOND! That’s right. We’ve had some members check their 5/24 number in .01 seconds, in fact. And if you have a partner or spouse, it takes the same amount of time. Other sites have helpful guides that require you using sites like or your actual credit report in order to track this number. This takes 20-45 minutes EACH TIME, and it requires you to be ultra organized and multi-task across browser tabs.

So, what’s that time and peace of mind worth to you? What if you counted wrong? What if you misread a date? You could be totally off when it comes to applying for your next card. How about automating the whole process?

How Travel Freely Automates Your 5/24 Count

Your 5/24 number is really a calculation. So why do it manually EVERY time you want to know it? We’ve got the system in place to track it for you (and your spouse) so that it’s right at your finger tips. We’ll show you what cards are counting towards your 5/24 count, and we include a countdown timer if you are over 5/24. If you’re an advanced free traveler, then you know… this is HUGE!

Travel Freely also tracks when cards stop counting towards 5/24. Cards will drop off on the first of the month after the 24th month it has been open. For example, if you opened an account on January 13th, 2017, the counter would show you as being under 5/24 on February 1st, 2019. The first is chosen because that resembles how Chase’s system tracks 5/24 status.


5/24 Counter on the Dashboard


The 5/24 Counter is on the Card Dashboard page. No need to spend time manually counting it up.


5/24 Countdown Feature


Other methods of counting your 5/24 number don’t offer this. You have to figure it out.


Specific Cards Identified


You know exactly what cards are counting towards your number.


In summary, Chase made it a lot harder to acquire big bonuses when this unofficial rule came out. Let us do the work for you so you can keep planning your next free vacation.

NO credit card is required to sign up. 


Travel Freely exists to automate your free travel lifestyle. Keep living the life you want without getting stuck in the logistical weeds. Utilize the 5/24 counter. Save tons of time. Have peace of mind, and Travel Freely. =)


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