Personal Story

Zac Hood


Where we started.

I love to travel, but as a non-profit director and teacher, it’s hard to dream big when you’re not making the big bucks. So, I put my research and study skills to the test and began reaping the benefits of credit card rewards. In total my wife and I have received over $50,000 in free travel, and we have no plans of stopping.

Our Mission

Whether your travel goals are reconnecting with loved ones or going on a dream trip, I want to help you achieve them. We all deserve to travel and my hope is to help you say yes to travel without sacrificing important needs at home.

Worried about credit? Don’t be.

Your credit scores will actually increase. Monitoring and being responsible with your credit is the best way to maximize points and miles. This should not be a barrier for you to get started.

And what we achieved.

2 Round-Trip Tickets to France

To propose to my wife.

2 Round-Trip Tickets to Hawaii

For the honeymoon

2 Int'l Business Class Tickets to Peru

Traveling to Machu Picchu in style.

Additional Domestic Travel To

Santa Barbara, San Diego, Seattle, Las Vegas, Santa Fe, Hawaii, Hilton Head Island, Charlotte, Nashville, and New York City.

Tour of Greece with a Business Class Ticket for $14

Almost free still counts.

2 for 1 Travel on Southwest

With their companion pass.

Airfare and Hotels for a 10-day Trip to Iceland


Additional Int'l Travel To

Turkey, Scotland, England, South Africa, Spain, France, Germany, Peru, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Iceland. Whew!

That’s over $5,000 worth of free travel earned every year.

Your next vacation could be free with TRAVEL FREELY.