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Woven into the utility and simplicity of the Travel Freely app is the belief that travel is essential to happiness. Whether visiting longtime friends and family or completing that exotic adventure, travel helps us thrive. Pursue your dreams without reserve and begin to Travel Freely.

Your App for Free Travel

Travel Freely helps you earn $1,500+ in free travel every year. Start optimizing your travel rewards for a treasure trove of points, take control of your credit, know the best card offers, and most importantly, start traveling for FREE.

Meet the Travel Freely System

Beginner Quick Start

We’re your guide. No experience required. Learn about credit score monitoring, organizing rewards programs, and best practices for applying for credit cards.

CardGenie Recommendations

Our one-of-a-kind CardGenie personalizes your recommendations. Receive optimal credit card recommendations to maximize rewards in your unique situation.

Auto-Pilot Key Milestones

One of our best features. We put card management on auto-pilot with email notifications for bonus deadlines, annual fees, and when it’s time to apply for a new card.

We’ll show you how it’s done.

We want you to earn $1,500+ IN FREE TRAVEL in the next 12 months. And the next. And the next… Earning free travel can be simple, but it takes following a careful plan. The Travel Freely System manages that plan every step of the way.

we’ll be your guide

The Travel Freely System starts with best-in-class training and resources. We have a Beginner’s Guide to “Become a Free Traveler” that covers credit score monitoring, organizing rewards programs, and understanding the best practices for applying for credit cards.

We’ll make it simple.


We Recommend the Cards

Travel Freely comes with our CardGenie, a personalized credit card recommendation tool with the best bonuses for your situation. In 6 months, you’ll be seeing your travel dreams start to come true.


We Keep things automated

Travel Freely includes a comprehensive credit card management toolkit. Put your worries on autopilot by receiving important e-mail reminders for bonus deadlines, annual fees, and the best times to apply for new credit cards.

We’ll make your travel dreams a reality.

Travel Freely has allowed me to basically travel for free. Since I joined, I have been to Peru, Southern France, and Alaska! All with points I’ve earned with Travel Freely!


Female Traveler Loving Free Travel

We are now thrilled about being able to use travel reward programs. All made possible through the easy-to-use and professional advice of the Travel Freely system.

David and Maureen

Retired Couple Enjoying Rewards

Travel Freely helped guide us through
to maximize our point potential and our credit score has never been higher. We are already planning our next trip to Hawaii!

Andy and Katelyn

European Dreams Come True

As Seen In

“Travel Freely’s CardGenie is like having a one-on-one personal consultant who can recommend the best credit cards.”

- Business Insider

Need help? We’re here.

How much free travel should I expect on the plan?

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Individuals with good credit can expect $1,500+ in their first year, and couples can expect $2,500+. This is not a one time thing. We help you earn thousands in free travel every year.

Do I have to live in the USA in order to use Travel Freely?

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The Travel Freely system works only for those who can apply for U.S. credit cards. So, if you live outside the US, but have a residence in the US, this can work for you.

Will this impact my credit?

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Yes, in a good way. People who use credit cards responsibly always have a higher credit score than someone who spends with cash or debit cards. In almost all cases, people who use credit cards responsibly have great credit scores. All of our clients have seen increased credit scores.

What about security?

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Other apps ask for credit card numbers, bank login info, social security numbers, etc. We do NOT! The only info you share is the name of the cards and the date you opened them. In other words, NO bank logins, NO credit card numbers, NO social security info. NO confidential information. However, we still use the highest level security encryption and SSL certificates.

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