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Travel Freely helps you earn $1,500+ in free travel every year. Start optimizing your travel rewards for a treasure trove of points. You’ll take control of your credit, know the best card offers, and start traveling for free.


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– Zac Hood, Founder, Travel Freely

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Travel Freely has allowed me to basically travel for free. Since I joined, I have been to Peru, Southern France, and Alaska! All with points I’ve earned with Travel Freely!
“We are now thrilled about being able to use travel reward programs. All made possible through the easy-to-use and professional advice of the Travel Freely system.”
“Travel Freely helped guide us through to maximize our point potential and our credit score has never been higher. We are already planning our next trip to Hawaii!”
Meet the Travel Freely System
We want you to earn $1,500+ in free travel in the next 12 months. And the next. And the next … Getting free travel can be simple, but it takes following a careful plan. The Travel Freely System manages that plan every step of the way.

The Travel Freely System starts with best-in-class training and resources. We have a Beginner’s Guide to “Become a Free Traveler” that covers credit score monitoring, organizing rewards programs, and understanding best practices for applying for credit cards.


Travel Freely comes with our CardGenie, a personalized credit card recommendation tool with the best bonuses for your situation. In 6 months, you’ll be seeing some travel dreams coming true.


Travel Freely includes a comprehensive credit card management toolkit. Put your worries on autopilot by receiving important e-mail reminders for Bonus Deadlines, Annual Fees, and best times to apply for new credit cards.

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Users who start today can be traveling for free to amazing destinations in as little as 6 months. All it takes is following the simple steps provided by the Travel Freely system. Typical users earn $1,500+ in free travel per year.

Our Hope

Underlying the wisdom and expertise of Free Travel is the belief that travel is essential to a healthy life. Whether it is reconnecting with family or friends, going on the trip of a lifetime, or finding solitude at a quiet beach, travel truly changes us for the better. The problem is that most people do not have extra income to spend and a trip may not happen due to other pressing needs. So, Travel Freely is here to give you that extra trip… to see a friend, to ease the burden of visiting family, or to be able to say yes to your travel dreams without sacrificing important needs back at home.


We have all heard about traveling on points. This site makes is simple and is really educational. I love the ease, and having someone else keep up with the multiple accounts. Thanks for your great service

Mac Kelton

I’ve been using travel freely for less than a year and have already accumulated points worth over $3k. The website reminds you when annual fees are due and is full of tips on improving credit score and how to maximize your points. Can’t recommend it enough!

Scott Booren

This is just flat out a brilliant idea. Credit card companies are competing for our business and do so by offering terrific deals upon opening an account. Travel Freely helped me to optimize those deals, track my cards, and earn free travel. I was spending the money anyway, why not take advantage of promotions and earn free travel? It took me a couple extra minutes of work a month, and now I've got points up to wazoo. Brilliant idea, very easy, very simple, and now I'm planning my next vacation, essentially for free.

Trevor Steger

Travel Freely is an invaluable tool for anyone with ambitions for free travel! If you have been hesitant to dip your toes into the miles/points world, fear no more. You won't drown using this website! The organization is excellent - keep track of your past & present credit cards, points earned, bonus deadlines and tons of free advice - especially for those new to the game. I use it all the time!

Beth Branson

Zac Hood – Founder


I love to travel, but as a non-profit director and teacher, it’s hard to dream big when you’re not making the big bucks. So, I’ve put my research and study skills to the test and have been reaping the benefits of the credit card game. In total we have received over $40,000 in free travel! And for those worried about their credit, our credit has actually improved since this all started. We recently received the lowest possible interest rate on our new home because we both had Excellent credit scores!

Where I’ve traveled…

  •  2 Round-trip tickets to France to propose to my wife
  •  2 Round trip tickets to Hawaii for our Honeymoon
  •  2 Int’l Business class tickets to Peru
  • Airfare and Hotels for 10-day trip to Iceland
  •  Tour of Greece with a business class ticket for $14
  •  My wife on a dream trip to New Zealand
  •  2 for 1 travel on Southwest through the Companion Pass
  •  Domestic travel: Santa Barbara, San Diego, Seattle, Las Vegas, Santa Fe, Hawaii, Hilton Head Island, Charlotte, Nashville, and New York City.
  • International travel: Turkey, Scotland, England, South Africa, Spain, France, Germany, Peru, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Iceland.

Over $5,000 worth of travel every year!

How much free travel should I expect on the plan?

Individuals with good credit can expect $1,500+ in their first year, and couples can expect $2,500+. This is not a one time thing. We help you earn thousands in free travel every year.

Will this impact my credit?
Yes, in a good way. People who use credit cards responsibly always have a higher credit score than someone who spends with cash or debit cards. In almost all cases, people who use credit cards responsibly have great credit scores. All of our clients have seen increased credit scores.
How much time should I expect to spend each month?
Users can spend as little as 30 minutes per month and still get $1,000+ in free travel every year. Travel Freely automates your reminders and gives you the tools to make decisions simple and easy.
How long until I am traveling for free?!
Most people can be traveling for free well within 6 months of signing up. Yep, it’s that fast.
Where will I be able to go using my free travel?
With Travel Freely, the points you earn can be used for free flights, hotels, and rental cars – for domestic and international travel.
Will I have to apply for and manage a ton of cards?

Not at all. The smartest free travelers only have 1 or 2 cards in their wallet at a time. You can also go at your own pace. Our members with really busy lives can get $1,000+ in free travel with just a couple cards per year. The key is having a system that is organized and stress free. Hence, Travel Freely.

Do I have to live in the US in order to do this?
The Travel Freely system works only for those who can apply for U.S. credit cards. So, if you live outside the US, but have a residence in the US, this can work for you.